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Introspect Configuration Admin from Gogo Shell

5 minute read

Apache Felix Gogo is by far one of the most potent tools in any OSGi development toolkit. And if you are fortunate enough to have access to a very modern ver...

Dynamic Eclipse Target Platform

1 minute read

I’ve been one of the maintainers of the Eclipse Equinox Http Servlet bundles for several years now.

OSGi R7 Features

4 minute read

Here’s a brief rundown of new features added in OSGi R7 release (from core and compendium).


4 minute read

Since the early days of software development, the benefits of creating modular systems were pretty well accepted. Modular system provided a number of benefit...

Using Requirements and Capabilities

5 minute read

The Requirements and Capabilities model is a surprisingly powerful concept born from the 17 years of experience the OSGi Alliance has in designing modular so...

booting up…

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been wanting to setup a personal blog for a while…

Gogo Shell

5 minute read

The telnet client is very useful (really invaluable) for understand what’s happening in the osgi runtime. OSGi is very dynamic, and due to this you really ne...

Liferay Semver

14 minute read

Presentation at Eclipsecon Europe 2014